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Turf Supply North East

We supply turf which is harvested daily to ensure maximum freshness. Using the latest harvesting technology ensures less waste, and tidy uniformly sized rolls.

shutterstock_154948754Once turf is delivered it should be stored in a shaded area and laid as soon as possible. Our turf is grown in the North East, but we can supply turf anywhere.

Turf is available per square metre.

Turf Laying Top Tips

Remove all existing turf
Rotavate the soil
Clear any stones or weeds
Rake the ground level
Flatten the ground
Lay turf as soon as possible
Start on a straight edge
Butt the turf edges tightly
Use a brickwork pattern
Once finished water thoroughly

Turf Supply Working Practice

GK Turfing Supply are able to work weekends and evenings, and also offer additional services related to the garden including site clearance, drainage, fencing, flagging, grass seeding and levelling.

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