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Turf Laying Service North East

Our Turf Laying service is based in the North East & Northumberland, but we cover all areas.

turf-layingOur turf allows you to enjoy your garden instantly without the lengthy process required of seeding your own lawn. By growing our own turf and harvesting it daily we can ensure maximum freshness. Using the latest harvesting technology ensures less waste, and tidy uniformly sized rolls.

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Turf Laying Preparation

We offer expert turf laying services in the North East and Northumberland, and therefore understand that good preparation is key to a great lawn.

We can provide a complete service including all preparation for the most hassle free new lawn.

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If you do choose to do the preparation yourself, we would always advise that the following steps be taken.

The existing turf should be removed and the soil beneath turned over. This can be done by digging or by a rotavator. The soil should be clear of any old turf, stones and weeds.

The ground should then be raked to make the area smooth for the new turf. Then the ground can be flattened – this can either be done by a roller or by foot. The turf then need to be laid as soon as possible after the turf delivery – we would always advise that the above preparation is done in advance of the turf delivery.

Turf Aftercare

Turf is a living plant. Once the temperature is 10 degrees C + your lawn needs watering, twice a day in the first week and once a day there after.

  • Water the entire area for 30 minutes ensuring every roll of turf gets watered.
  • Don’t walk on newly laid turf for the first two weeks, if you need to walk on it use boards to walk on.
  • Mow two weeks after laying, but don’t cut too short.

All information is given as a guide. If you have any specific questions about aftercare once your turf has been laid then please contact us. You can read more about turf aftercare here.


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